How to make time your ally at any age!

How to make time your ally at any age!

To make time our ally, we need to understand how our mind perceives the time. You might have noticed that when you are doing something absorbing e.g. gardening, playing music or sport, and working on your favourite project, you totally forget the sense of time! Those are the moments you have lived your life fully and you feel that time is your ally. The mind gets totally merged with the time or one can say that mind and time lose their existence!

However, most of the time our mind dwells either in the past or future. It is the natural tendency of the mind. Suppose you are doing the gardening but thinking about the argument you had with your boss (past event) or planning for the shopping list that you would like to buy (future). You might be able to finish the gardening, but deep inside you will feel disconnected/tired. These are the time you feel that time is not your ally.

The logical conclusion one can make that whenever the mind is totally in the present moment; one feels that time is one’s ally. It is also clear that it is not linked to the age of the person. Anyone who can keep one’s mind in the present moment will feel connected and centred.

The question is how to keep the mind in the present moment?

Our experience suggests that it is hard to control the mind directly. Fortunately, there is a link between the body and the mind, and that is the breath. By bringing our awareness to breath and controlling the breathing pattern, the mind can gradually be trained to be more and more in the present moment.

The practice of Yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation are the great tools keep the mind in the present moment.

I will further discuss the knowledge of Yoga in my page on obstacles in the path of growth.


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