Know your obstacles and take charge of your life!

Know your obstacles and take charge of your life!

Quite often when we start working on our dream project or try to make a new habit, we come across obstacles. The obstacle may be in the form of falling sick, doubting one’s capabilities, laziness, and inability to overcome old habits.

How to overcome these obstacles? The first thing we should realise that these are only the obstacles e.g. barriers in a hurdle race. Obstacle comes whenever you start doing something good. If you are not doing anything, no obstacle will come in your life. An athlete knows that he has to cross the barriers to win the race. Once the race is over, one can walk normally. Similarly, we do not always fall sick. Whenever we get sick, we rest for few days and sometimes may take medicines to get well. Once we are healthy, we revert to our routine. Again, we are not lazy all the time. Laziness may be the outcome of the type of food one has eaten, weather conditions, or simply because your interest level is not high for that particular activity. Doubting on one’s capabilities, other’s intentions, or on techniques is an interesting subject. You might have noticed that most of the time, we doubt about the good thing, We do not doubt about the bad thing. Whenever we are sad; we are 100% sure that we are sad but may not be very sure about out our happiness.

The most effective way of overcoming any obstacle is to simply practise one thing, keep doing the one activity again and again and again…What happens when you do one thing again and again? Boredom dawns, beyond the boredom, is ecstasy! When a musician practice a chord, a singer sing a song or a player practices a particular technique again and again and again. The mind has no option but to be in the present moment and in the present moment, there is no obstacle. One’s whole body becomes mind; all senses work in cohesion. At that moment of time, you will not feel any obstacles.

This technique is also called ‘Ek tatva abhayasa’ meaning practising one element, one truth. That one element can be the God, a guru in your life. In dealing with people, it can be practised as seeing one element (God or Guru) in everyone. When you see one element in one and all, you will not get caught up in hatred, jealousy.

What if, one find it difficult to practice one element in life, will continue in the next blog.


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