How to develop positive vibes with Yoga?

Each one of us radiates out energy in the form of vibrations. When we freely interact with someone, we say that vibes are matching. We communicate effortlessly. However, when the communication is not flowing freely, we can feel that vibes are not matching. Practising yoga helps in developing positive vibes.

Did you ever notice that when someone enters the meeting room and you feel a sudden change in the environment? Sometimes you feel the meeting environment has eased out and participants are freely sharing their opinion (energy level goes up as the vibes are synchronised). While on some occasions, you feel that entry of a person has made the environment duller, and suddenly people become less productive (Energy level goes down as the vibes are not synchronised).

Yoga helps in removing prejudices, improving communication, and increased the productivity of the person.

If you observe in any social gathering, how quickly kids get to mix with each other without any inhibitions. They may be from a different social background, colour, and religion. You will observe a playful environment; display of all the emotions without any inhibitions, a language will hardly be a barrier for communication. However, as we grow up as an adult, our upbringing, daily stresses, and prejudices inhibit us from freely mixing with people from different background. We start judging people by their appearance, social status, position in the organisation, skin colour.

Even at the physical level, if you see any child of 0 to 3 years of age, they do all the yoga postures so effortlessly! And as we grow up most of us lose our flexibility and start thinking that Yoga is not for me. Each one of us had been a yogi in the childhood; we have just forgotten our true nature.

Practising yoga helps in harmonising the internal environment with the external environment and helps in building positive vibes in dealing with people.

We also need to keep this in mind that Yoga is not just the physical exercise, it is much more than that.


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