About Us

I grew up in India in a small village and then moved to Agra (City of Taj Mahal) to finish my high school. I did my engineering from MNIT Jaipur in Mechanical discipline and joined my first job with ONGC. In pursuit of growth, I switched my job from a public sector company (PSU) to an MNC and later on I migrated to Australia. Throughout this period, I continued my journey of personal development through part-time studies and more importantly through spiritual practices.

I think life is all about the choices and the commitment, we make during this journey of life. While choices are the free will that one exercises in life, it is the commitment that helps to stay on course during the turbulent time and to achieve the triumph in spite of all the obstacles.

My childhood hero, swami Vivekanand used to say, if your present situation is the outcome of your past action, then certainly your current actions will determine your future position. “Present time is much more powerful“.

Anupam has always been my constant source of inspiration since last 24 years. She is a multi-talented woman, her main hobbies are dancing (Kathak), painting, and the cooking.  Anu is always ready to help others and do lots of volunteering works.


Two major decisions I made in life that changed the course of my life forever are the resignation from the government job to a private sector job and the migration to Australia. The time has come to make the next major decision in life and it is to start my own business. I am finding it quite fulfilling as it has given me the opportunity to utilize all my creative skills, being my own boss, and the time freedom.

We are happy to be in the business of personal development that gives us the freedom to work from home, and time to conduct Yoga, Meditation, and the Dances courses. It is a perfect win-win business where we are able to earn the money while continuing to pursue our passion.