Are you a commitment driven or feeling driven person?

Now be completely in this ‘Moment’. Observe your breathing, are you breathing from the right nostril or the left nostril or both? Yes, we don’t breathe through both the nostrils. Most of the time, we breathe either from the right or left nostril. Do you know, when we breathe from left nostril our right hemisphere of mind is active, and when we breathe from right nostril our left hemisphere of the brain is active. What is the implication of this awareness? How can we benefit from this information?
You might be knowing that right hemisphere of mind is more intuitive, artistic, creative, feminine and the left hemisphere is more analytical, logical, rational, masculine. Every living being has right and left hemisphere mind. Is it possible to change the breathing pattern as per the situation? The answer is YES!

What happens when there is unbalance in breathing pattern, and it lasts for more than few days? It starts affecting our physio psychological status and may end up in illness. However, since most of us are not aware of these, we only react to these symptoms (disease) and take corrective actions to get rid of them quickly. So, our remedial measures are also limited to get the immediate relief rather than eliminating the cause of the problem.
What is the source of this imbalance?
This universe is always sending billions of signals to the brains so does our body. As per quantum physics, we all are part of an electromagnetic field. When the signals emanating from our body are in alignment with the universe signals, we find that we can achieve higher results with fewer efforts else we struggle. What to do in those circumstances? Listen to your body, listen to your breath. Is there an imbalance in the breathing pattern? Are you breathing from the right nostrils most of the time or from the left nostrils?

This imbalance in the breathing pattern impacts our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. We get carried away by our emotions, feelings, thoughts, thinking that they are real and at the end of the day wonder why didn’t we achieve the desired result? The question is when we should listen to our thoughts, feeling, and emotion and when we should ignore them?
Are you a commitment driven or feeling driven person?
If you are not centered, you can easily get carried away by flickering emotions.
What are the practices one should do, to become more centered? We are going to discuss these techniques later.
Most of the personal development literature is also focuses on superficial elements, e.g. communication skills, getting more efficient in doing things and hence it does not give lasting results.
We need to go deeper to understand the interaction between the universe and us.


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