When do we seek Personal Transformation?

We seek personal transformation when we are not able to achieve the desired results with our current set of skills based on deeply rooted habits, learning style, and our belief system. Our existing habits and belief system are the results of our behavioral interaction with the environment. The key element here is an INDIVIDUAL who is always interacting with the dynamic environment. We as an individual are equally dynamic and made up of the same constituents as the environment. It is because of our habit of looking outward, we consider ourselves as a static personality and gets frustrated and develop a negative attitude towards the world.

The fact is that the outer reality is the manifestation of inner reality. The world is full of possibilities, and so we are. Whatever results, we want to achieve in life they are achievable. The required elements of your dreams already exist in the outer world. It is a matter of finding those elements and integrating them, and that’s what an entrepreneur does. The problem is, an ordinary person is not able to see those elements of success in the outer world with the existing set of belief system, and he can’t take the right action because of the existing habits. This results in frustration. The irony is that solution is not far away, it is too near (within us), and that’s why it is difficult to identify and take corrective action.
The key is in the awareness. Just being aware of what is happening in this moment?
Life is all about awareness, how many minutes during the day we spend in the present moment? Those many minutes we have lived our life, rest we just wasted either regretting about the past or worrying about the future. The present moment is the sum of all the past moments and the upcoming future moment in it. The present moment is multi-dimensional, and it is vast. At this very moment, at this very place, we are connected with the universe in totality. It is a matter of awareness. Our present situation is the sum of all the past (How we lived our life till now?), and it has all the potential of what will be the life in the future. It will be foolishness to predict the future based on the past. Life is not linear; it has infinite possibilities.

How this concept of being aware of the present moment, is linked to the personal transformation? By being in the moment brings the acceptance of the current situation. You stop complaining and take the full responsibility, and that is the starting point of the personal transformation.


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