How to be more efficient and productive in using all the sources of energy?

How many times we wish for the more energy to accomplish our goals in life or simply to enjoy the life? Did you ever wonder, how some people can achieve so much in life while others struggle to achieve even small goals? What if you can manage your energy level and increase your productivity significantly? Many of our problem in life can become an opportunity if we have more energy to handle our problems in life.

Let’s discuss the sources of energy and how we can use them efficiently to increase our energy level. There are four primary sources of energy 1. Food 2.Sleep 3. Breath 4.Calm and meditative mind

Each of the above source of energy plays a significant role in our life.

Food: It is the most direct source of energy. However, not all types of food are suitable for everyone. Each one of us is unique and should eat food as per his nature. As per the Ayurveda (Science of Life), each one of us is made up of five elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air, and space. Each of these elements has unique characteristics e.g. Earth element is associated with stability and heaviness, water is more fluid and cool. However, the percentage of each element in each one of us is different, and hence each one of us has a unique nature (Prakriti). One should check his nature (Prakriti) through Nadi Pariksha (Pulse examination) from a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. He can also guide for the type of food one should eat according to one’s Prakriti.   

Sleep: Like food, sleep should also be used in a balanced manner i.e. although both food and sleep are good sources of energy that does not mean that more the merrier! Quite often, the busy people try to manage with less sleep during the weekdays and think that they can compensate by sleeping more during the weekend! It does not work for long! One should maintain a balance in food and sleep habit for the optimised energy level. You may also like to read my earlier blog ‘ Know your sleep to know your life’

Breath: One can live without food for a week or so and can survive without sleep for few days, but one can’t live for more than few minutes without the breath. Our life starts when we breathe in and ends with the last breath out. Kids are the real examples of how one should breathe as they use most of their lung capacity very efficiently. However, as we grow up, gradually our breathing patterns get affected by stresses, diseases, and the type of environment, we live in. Breath is an instant source of energy, and by learning and practising few breathing techniques, one can significantly enhance his energy level.

Calm and meditative mind:  The Calm and meditative mind is the prerequisite for harnessing more energy from the other three sources of energy (Food, sleep, and Breath). Mainly because, if our mind is not calm and is devoid of clear thinking, even if one is efficient in utilising the other three sources of energy very soon the energy will go waste. Calm and meditative mind can use the energy more productively as compared to confused and restless mind. How to be in calm and meditative is also depends on how efficiently we use the other three sources of energies. At a deeper level, the other three sources of energy are connected to each other. For example, if one is not judicious in eating the right kind of food, it will impact the sleeping pattern. Breathing pattern is more linked to calm and meditative mind e.g. if one is angry his breathing pattern changes immediately. It will be more shallow and faster breathing pattern. Some of the techniques that can help in achieving calm and meditative mind are through the practice of meditation and being in the company of good people.        

Reference:  Various talks by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the public forums (The founder of the Art of Living organisation).


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