Know your sleep to know your life

It is a very interesting fact that we sleep every day and we don’t know much about the sleep. When one go for the sleep, one has to drop everything including one’s thoughts. One can’t sleep if someone is thinking about something very hard. In sleep, to some extent, we also lose our identity. No one is rich or poor during the sleep; there is no male sleep or female sleep. However, as soon as we wake up, we find ourselves bonded by so many things. We think we can’t live without our personal belongingness; we lose our peace on a slight adverse comment from our colleague, a scratch on our car leave a bigger scratch on our heart!

We all know that one day we have to drop everything and we will go empty handed from this world. The same lesson we can learn from our sleeping experience. The only difference between the sleep and death is that when we wake up from sleep, we recall everything from the point from where we had left last night. However, when we die and take rebirth, we start fresh as we do not remember anything from the past life. That is a good mechanism else it would have been tough to live in this world.

I am not saying that we should not make an effort to achieve the material things but I am trying to emphasize is that we should not lose our peace of mind while living our life. At the end of the day, each one of us wants to sleep properly and in sleep, ones can’t carry any of the stuff one was working during the day.

We also see dreams when we go to bed and start trying to interpret them. Someone has well said, intelligent people see reality as a dream, only stupid people see the dream as a reality!

In Patanjali Yoga Sutra, five types of dreams are described. The first type of dream is based on the unfulfilled desires e.g. you wanted to eat the ice-cream during the day, and somehow you could not eat it. When you go to the sleep and in the dream, you start eating an ice-cream. The second type of dreams are based on experience, and you dream about the same event that had taken place in the past. The third type of dreams is linked to future events, just like a premonition. The fourth type of dream is linked to the place e.g. if you go to the Japan first time. You might start speaking Japanese in the dream although, you have never learned Japanese. The fifth type of dream is a mixture of all these and 90% our dreams are of this type. So, it is wise not to interpret the dream and enjoy your sleep and life.


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