How to drastically improve your yoga experience

In this post, I have explained, how we can drastically improve the yoga experience by following few simple techniques. The purpose of yoga is to bring body, mind, and the universal conscious in harmony. The mind has three unique tendencies and these tendencies act as a barrier in bringing harmony between the body and universal consciousness.

The first tendency of the mind is, it likes to dwell in the past and the future. You might have observed that when you start working on any activity, rather than directing all five senses to the task, mind likes to think about some past incidences or future outcome of the effort. In either of these states of the mind, it impacts our body accordingly e.g. if you have failed in your previous attempt in doing the similar activities and mind is visualizing the failure; the body will try to reproduce the similar action and will end up giving the similar results. If the mind is anxious about the future outcome, it will again impact the body movement and the outcome.

The second tendency of the mind is that it clings to the negativity. If someone gives you the ten compliments and one negative remark, the mind will forget all the ten compliments and will cling to that one negative comment.

The third tendency of the mind is that it examines the incoming information and either agree or disagree with the new information. It will keep on saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ internally. In either case, there will be no new learning. The mind will act as a filter, by agreeing to the information that reinforces the existing knowledge and excluding the new information that is contrary to current understanding.

Now with these three tendencies of the mind, it will be difficult to bring the harmony to the body, mind, and the universal consciousness. It is hard to control the mind at the mind level e.g. if you instruct the mind not to think about the pink monkey, we all know what the mind does.

Breath is the connection between the body and the mind. We can feel the breath and at the same time it is very subtle and acts as a bridge between the body and the mind. If we bring our awareness to the breath, the mind automatically comes to the present moment, and that facilitate the union of body, mind and the universal consciousness. Then and only then, Yoga start happening and one experience blissful state during those moments.


  1. Various talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the public forums (The founder of the Art of Living organisation).

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