How to deal with the four types of people in life and be happy?

In the last blog, I discussed how one could overcome the obstacles in one’s life while pursuing one’s dream by practising one thing again, and again, and again. In Sanskrit language, it is called ‘Ek tatva Abhayasa’. It means, seeing one element (God or Guru) in everything. However, it is not always easy to practice this principle in life.

We come across all type of people in our life e.g. some people are happy most of the time, some keeps grumbling about everything, some are engaged in doing good things, and others are involved in doing wrong things. How to deal with these type of people? As per Patanjali Yoga Sutra, be friendly with the people who are happy. What happens, if you don’t get friendly with happy people, you will start getting jealous of them, and you may start feeling miserable.
Have compassion for people who are always grumbling but don’t try to be friendly with them. Suppose, one of your friends is going through tough time, and he is complaining about the injustice he received from the society or the government. Now, if you show sympathy with these people by agreeing with their comments, are you going to uplifting their spirit or dragging them into a downward spiral trend? Just listen to their complaints patiently and move on.
Support the people who are doing a good job for the society rather than finding a mistake in their way of doing things. At least they have taken an initiative to do something positive, help them out, encourage them, and be part of a bigger goal.
Ignore the people who are engaged in doing the wrong thing, or educate and ignore the people who are doing the bad things unless you are in a job that requires to take you a corrective action e.g. people who are in police, or in the judicial system.
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  1. How to know God- The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali: Translated by Swami Prabhananda and Christopher Isherwood
  2. Various talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the public forums (The founder of the Art of Living organisation).

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