Hello world! My first post on my personal blog site

Welcome to My blog Sites. This is my first post.


As some of you might know, that I have been practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation for many years. A few years ago, I also did my Masters in Business Leadership from the Curtin University.  Since last few days, a thought came to my mind to merge these two fields i.e. spiritual practices and worldly success. These two seems to be opposite values but on a deeper level, they are the one and the same.

For now, I have identified five areas that I will focus on and will look forward to your comments and views.

  1. Make time your ally at any age
  2. It is never too late to achieve the financial freedom
  3. Four elements of success-Time, place, environment, and the self-effort
  4. Know what obstacle/s are hindering your growth
  5. How to develop positive vibes with Yoga

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